Vasectomy reversal

Vasectomy reversal Procedure & Risks

Vasectomy reversal, as the name suggest is s surgery to reverse the vasectomy. In this procedure, the tube that carries that carries the sperm from the testicle into the semen is reconnected. Once the procedure is complete, you are going to be able to impregnate your partner again. 

As far as the matter of success rates of this procedure, they lie within the range from 40% to 90%. The factors that dictate this success are the following: 

  • How much time it has been since the vasectomy?

  • The age of your partner

  • The experience of the surgeon

  • How would you define success in your case?

What is the reason that the reversal option is opted for?

The reasons for the reversal are as follows: 

  • There can be a case where the child is lost due to miscarriage.

  • There can also be the case where the testicular pain s too much. The reversal method can assist with that. 

Preparation for this procedure:

  • You will be told to stop tasking certain blood thinning medications if you had been taking them.

  • You will be recommended to wear tight underwear after the surgery so that your crotch and the bandages are in place. 

Before during and after the procedure

Before the procedure:

  • You will be told to take some tests in order to get your complete medical history.

  • It will also be ascertained as to whether you can produce a healthy sperm. 

  • It will also be confirmed to see if your partner can conceive a child.

During the procedure:

  • After you arrive at the hospital, you will be told to disrobe and lie down for a while.

  • The entire thing is done under general anaesthesia.

  • A small cut will be made on the underside of your scrotum

  • Your tubes (vas deference) will be exposed and then, the vas deference will be cut open. After an examination of sperm within this tube, it is reconnected.

  • 5. In case the sperm liquid is thick, it indicates that there is no sperm. To that end, other variant of vasectomy reversal method (vasoepididymostomy) is performed. 

After the procedure:

  • Once the procedure is complete, you will be sent home after anaesthetics and a healthy supply of bandages over the surgical wound.

  • You will be told to wear an athletic underwear

  • You will need to limit your activities for a while.

  • After a rest for a few days, you will be able to return to work.

  • You will need to abstain from sex at least for 3 weeks after the surgery is over with. No masturbation is allowed either. 

What are the risks associated with this procedure?

  • There can be bleeding inside the scrotum. This might cause the scrotum to swell up and it can cause painful swelling. 

  • There is also a chance on or near the surgical region.

  • There is also a very uncommon side effect of pain. This pain persists after the vasectomy reversal is done. 


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