Rh factor blood test

Rh factor blood test Reason & Complications

The Rh factor blood test is meant to check for the presence of Rh factor protein in the red blood cells. Rh-factor refers to the proteins that are inherited and in turn accumulate on the top of the red blood cells. 

The test comes out to be positive if you in fact have this protein accumulated over the cells and negative if that is not the case. 

When it comes to Rh positive, you should know that it is the most common blood type. On the other hand Rh is a bit less common. However, if your blood cells lack this protein, that does not indicate any sort of illness. To that end, your health will be safe. However, when it comes to pregnancy, extra care will have to be provided to you if he blood group of your child is Rh negative. 

What is the reason to do this test?

This test is done to check the blood type of your baby. In case your blood group is Rh negative and the baby’s is the positive variant, then it won’t be a problem during the first pregnancy. However, if the second pregnancy goes the same way in which the blood group of your baby is Rh positive, then the Rh antibodies inside you might attack and damage their red blood cells. 

The reason to worry about the issue is because during the delivery, there is a high chance that your blood might contact with the baby’s and this mixture can even provide fatal at times.

Therefore, in order to be careful before hand, this form of test is done. 

What are the complications Rh blood factor of the mother do not match to the baby?

  • Miscarriage

  • The pregnancy might be a tumour and not the baby

  • There might be a need to remove the molar pregnancy

  • Bleeding during the pregnancy.

  • The child might develop intense blood disorders. 

What is Rh test turns out to be positive for the baby?

In case a prenatal blood test is done and it is found out that the baby is Rh positive and the mother is Rh negative, Rh immune injections are given to the mother. This injection suppresses the antibodies that attack the protein. If your pregnancy is the first one, then this measure will not be needed. However, in case the pregnancy is your second one, this test will be required in order to make sure that the baby is not harmed.


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