C-Section: Risks & Delivery

C section is short for Caesarean Section. It is a form of delivery of the baby that is done using the surgical means. 

This process involves two incisions to be made on the mother:

  • One on the abdomen.

  • One on the uterus.

With the process of normal delivery nearly on the end, this is the sort of delivery methodology that most women look for around the globe. 

This sort of delivery is deferred until 39 weeks of pregnancy. The reason for this delay is to make sure that the baby that grows is in an optimal and right condition. Furthermore, if C-Section is done any time before this, there are changes associated with complications.

What is the reason for C section?

The most common reason that this form of delivery is preferred to the traditional vaginal delivery is that most people tend to find the entire process is a bit difficult. Furthermore, there are complications involved with a vaginal delivery that many would like to avoid.  Furthermore, other reasons as to why C-Section is opted for as a delivery method are because:

  • There might be developmental conditions with the baby. 

  • The birth canal might not be exit the baby if the baby’s head is too big. 

  • If the baby is coming out with the feet first.

  • Complications related to early pregnancy.

  • There can be some health problems from the mother’s side. 

  • The mother might have active genital herpes that the baby can also get. 

  • There might be issues with the placenta

  • There might be issues with the umbilical cord

  • The oxygen supply to the baby is too low. 

  • The labor has been stalled and normal delivery is not possible

  • If the baby is coming out in a transversal manner.

What are the risks involved with C Section?

The risks involved with C section delivery are the following:

  • Bleeding

  • Blood clots

  • There might be breathing problems for the child if the process is done in an emergency and before 39 weeks of pregnancy.

  • The risk in future pregnancies might increase.

  • The child might be injured during the surgery.

  • There also can be an issue of surgical injuries for other organs of the body.

  • Complications that are related to abdominal surgery like adhesions, hernia, and other complications.

Preparing for the cesarean delivery

  • There is a full discussion with the doctor first.

  • Then, you will have to attend some prenatal appointments where you will undergo some tests of urine, and blood.

  • Your blood type will be recorded in case you need some sort of blood transfusion.

  • After the delivery process is complete, you will need to stay in the hospital for a while in order to recover from the ordeal.

A procedure that s involved with C Section

  • First, there is a plan to stay in the hospital for three to four days. 

  • Your abdomen will be cleaned before the procedure to begin.

  • Now, fluids are administered to the body, the fluids entail drugs and other medications like antibiotics and others. 

  • Your bladder will be emptied with the assistance of a catheter.

  • Based on your pre-operation work, you can be provided with any of the three anesthesias according to your preference. These three are spinal block, epidural or general anesthesia.

  • Once you have been number properly, the process will begin.

  • This process will involve the doctors making an incision just above the pubic hairline.

  • Now, the second incision will be made in your abdomen to expose the uterus.

  • As the uterus is exposed, one more incision would be made there.

  • The baby will then be removed from the uterus.

  • After cutting the umbilical cord, the baby is then given to a doctor who then cleanses the baby. While this is happening, your wounds will be properly closed.

  • Just when it is ascertained that the baby s breathing right, they will be handed over to you to hold.


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