Amniocentesis Surgery: Sample & Procedure

When a woman is pregnant, the fetus is surrounded by amniotic fluid. This fluid is a substance that is very much akin to water. However, this particular fluid entails the following: 

  • Live fetal cells

  • Alpha-fetoprotein

  • And many other substances. 

Testing this fluid provides a lot of information about the health of the baby before they enter this world. 

What is amniocentesis?

An amniocentesis is a form of prenatal test that is done by removing a small amount of amniotic fluid from the body from the sac that surrounds the fetus

  • A fine needle is first inserted into the uterus through the abdomen. 

Then a small sample of the amniotic fluid is taken

  • This fluid is then sent to the labs for further analysis. 

The tests are done to see if there are any sort of genetic risks to the baby. However, there are many more reasons to do so. 

What are the major reasons to perform this form of procedure?

Prior to amniocentesis, a complete ultrasound is performed on the mother’s womb. The purpose of amniocentesis is to check for birth defects like Down syndrome (a form of a chromosomal anomaly). This form of prenatal test is given to women whose children have a pretty high chance of having genetic diseases. These women involve the following whose:

  • Ultrasound comes out to be abnormal

  • Have a family history of certain types of birth defects. 

  • There has been a previous pregnancy where the kid developed some sort of birth defect. 

That being said, not all sort of genetic defects can be detected with this particular prenatal test. However, it is in fact used to detect the following conditions:

  • Certain spinal tube defects can be detected using this method such as the spinal bifida or anencephaly. 

  • Cleft palates, club feet or heart defects.

  • This can also be used as an alternative to ultrasound to find the sec of the baby. (however, sex determination of any kind is discouraged for pretty obvious reasons).

  • During the third trimester, this test is performed to see the developments of lungs of the baby. 


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